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About Feios in english.


There are many hunting opportunities in Feios, like deer hunting, fox hunting, hare hunting, grouse hunting, big birds hunting, mink and marten. Most popular is the deer hunting. But the deer isn’t easy to catch. But it’s not just deer hunting in Feios, they also hunt grouse and big birds. Åfetfjellet and Flatfjellet are the best places to hunt grouse and big birds. But they also hunt hare and fox almost everywhere in Feios.
But, on marten and mink they use traps, and sometimes they shoot them.

If you like fishing, there certainly are possibilities in Feios. In the end of the river there is salmon in the summer, but further up you can find basin trout. In Åfetdalen you can find a lake that’s called  Dagshovdavatnet. It’s normally trout there. In Osen you can fish cod, ling, haddock and many other fish. There are many kind of fish in the sea. Sognefjorden offers you some good possibilities when it comes to fishing Come try !

Is there anything to do in this small town? Well yes, there is! Feios has some things to offer the people who live here and visitors. It’s the people who live here that take the initiative for some public workouts. Women and men have different activities, here are some of them:

The lady workout:
Some years ago some women got together and decided to make a gym group were they could work out and have fun at the same time. So they got to use the gym at the school 2 times a week. And they’ve done the same thing the last couple of years.

Now they have 4 common sports:

1.They have step one night, the leader of that group is Gjertrud S. Brekke.
2.They have the regular lady workout with all kinds of sports; the leader of this is also Gertrud.
3.Then there’s the volleyball, a thing they started a little while ago. The leader of this is Catrin Høyum Grindedal
4.There are a lot of woman exercises here, but there is one for the men too.

It’s the men-gym, twice a’ week. The leader here is Ole Jonny Feidje. They meet to play football and many other activities. They have also taken part in competitions around in Vik kommune just for fun.  So if you thought Feios is a lazy place with lazy people, think twice!


There’s a store in Feios as well. The store is named ”Feiosbui”! The shop isn’t very huge. People are very grateful for the store. People can order food from “Feiosbui” and someone will bring it to their house. This is very good help for old people and people who have problems with getting out of their houses. It’s possible to buy shares from “Feiosbui”, and a lot of people in Feios have done that. Organizations can buy shares too, ”Bygdalaget” owns very many shares, and they have worked a lot with the store and the house. They have big plans; in 2005 they will enlarge the house, and make a hairdressing saloon. It has also been talked about building a café in the house. People are looking forward to see the final result. “Feiosbui” is lying in Osen. There is a river next to the shop. Osen is the centre of the village, and it’s the centre point located close to Sognefjorden.

Opening hours :

Monday-Friday from 10.00 AM to 17.00 PM
Saturday it’s open from 10.00 AM to 13.00 PM

If you need to take a phone call to “Feiosbui” you must call this number: +47 57 69 76 77

In Feios we have our own place to arrange gatherings (called ungdomshuset). This is a house you can rent for different purposes. There have been arranged local parties for the town, parties that have become very popular. Like “julebord”, in English this means Christmas dinner. This is a party for the local people, but people from other places are welcome to join it. Many people come, both young and old. At this party we eat pinnekjøtt ( dried sheep ribs ), traditional Norwegian food. And off course, there is not a party without music; they hire a band that plays live music all night! But this Christmas celebration isn’t the only party we have. Usually there is one party between the holydays as well.